How Soon Should You Clean Your Carpets, And How Can Professionals Help With Carpet Cleaning?

Carpets are one of the most beautiful things at home. They are soft underfoot, colourful and are pretty to glance at. Good carpets often last very long and are expensive, so it is mandatory to take care of them to last long enough. We can use a standard carpet for at least 3-5 years. Wool carpets may last even longer depending on the quality of the carpet and the maintenance; they could even last up to decades.

Carpet cleaning needs to be done using carpet cleaning products and machines. You should also vacuum your carpets at least 2 times a week to get rid of the dust settling on the top layer of the carpet, this will help prevent dust from settling from the carpet, and it would not be embedded into the carpet pile. This would also prevent the carpet from getting faded and prevent fibres from wear and tear. It is recommended that you should contact your carpet cleaned after 90-150 days or after a period of three to five months. Rest a lot also depends on personal needs as someone with children or pets would require carpet cleaning more often as the footfall on the carpet is more with more members in the family and pets can make your carpets very dirty as they have dirt on their paws. Also, you should consider getting your carpet cleaned more often if anyone in your house has an allergy to dust or has any respiratory problems. Not wearing footwear that you wear outside the home can also help you keep your carpet clean


Carpet cleaning can be a very hectic task, especially for working professionals, as it requires a lot of time and energy. In that case, people should hire professional carpet cleaners, as they are trained experts who can clean your carpet quickly and in the best way. Before knowing more about how professionals can help you with carpet cleaning, we should know the types of carpet cleaning available. So here are some common types of carpet cleaning :


● Steam Cleaning: 

This type of cleaning is also known as hot water extraction cleaning. This method uses high-pressure hot water to clean the carpet fibre and dissolve the dirt on the carpet. Steam cleaning involves first applying a cleaning agent on the surface, then brushing the fibre, followed by rinsing the carpet. Finally, it is left to dry in a room or under an air conditioner. It takes approximately 6 hours for the complete process to take place. 


● Carpet Shampooing: 

It is an old cleaning technique that is not used anymore because of better methods available like encapsulation but still in this type of cleaning, we shampoo the carpet and then rinse it, but it leaves a lot of wet foam residuals in the carpet taking it longer to dry and making the carpet sticky. 


● Encapsulation: 

Encapsulation is a cleaning technique in which synthetic detergents are used, which convert into powder forms when they are dried. This type of cleaning is very similar to the carpet mentioned above shampooing. Still, the foam dries to be in powder form, making it easier to vacuum the remains after the cleaning and drying process. 


● Bonnet Cleaning: 

This type of cleaning is done on carpets with a very high footfall like the carpets in hotels or museums where the number of people walking on the carpets is very high. This type of cleaning is cleaning the top surface of the carpet using an amortised machine with spinning pads immersed with cleaning solutions to clean the carpets. Since it is not a deep cleaning process, dirt tends to assemble quickly compared to other cleaning processes. Still, this type of cleaning is significantly less time consuming as the carpets dry up pretty soon after cleaning.


● Dry carpet cleaning: 

Dry carpet cleaning is the newest technology for carpet cleaning; in this type of cleaning, the cleaning compound or powder has penetrated the carpet using amortised counter-rotating machine that opens up the button part of the carpet powder settles in. The settled powder deep cleans the carpet thoroughly. This type of cleaning is preferred because of its no drying time, making it an efficient cleaning process.


Now you know what type of carpet cleaning techniques are available so here are some reasons why you should hire professionals for carpet cleaning : 


● Time and cost-saving: 

As discussed earlier, carpet cleaning is a very long and tedious process that can drain a lot of precious time in our professional lives. With the help of carpet cleaners and expertise in this field with the best tools, you can save a lot of time.


● Latest technology: 

A home carpet cleaning machine is nowhere close to the device which professional carpet cleaners use, with the best cleaning solutions which are not toxic for the carpets. 


● Increases longevity: 

Self-cleaning of the carpets can decrease their lifespan exponentially, so when you hire professional carpet cleaners, they clean the carpets thoroughly and improve the carpet's life.


● Carpets smell fresh: 

Carpets containing germs for a very long time can start a very foul odour, and cleaning carpets at home will not help you get rid of a smell that is so foul. You can relate to this problem if you have pets at your home. Ask for professional carpet cleaning help to get rid of these kinds of smells.


● They know every type of carpet:

Carpets can be of various kinds as there are many different kinds of fibres out there and it is essential the type of carpet you have, and the cleaning it needs. 


Professional carpet cleaners have expertise in every kind of carpet cleaning, so getting your carpet cleaned using a professional can help you increase the lifespan of your carpet.

How Soon Should You Clean Your Carpets, And How Can Professionals Help With Carpet Cleaning? How Soon Should You Clean Your Carpets, And How Can Professionals Help With Carpet Cleaning? Reviewed by House Cleaning In Brisbane on May 25, 2021 Rating: 5

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